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Archdiocese of New Orleans


The Archdiocese of New Orleans introduces a new ministry of evangelization in The Marigny, Bywater, and Vieux Carre’ areas of the city.

This new comprehensive ministry is The Bishop Perry Center located at 1941 Dauphine Street (at the corner of Dauphine and Touro streets). Among the various ministries offered by The Center are the following:

Spiritual and Religious Formation

  • Daily celebration of the Eucharist in The Center’s chapel
  • Celebration of the Sacraments
  • Prayer
  • Religious formation (inquiry classes and discussion)
  • Pastoral – spiritual counseling (person to person)
  • Formal – informal discussion groups

Social Services

  • Medical
  • Pharmacology evaluation/protocol
  • Legal
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and weight facility
  • Basic/limited material resources
  • Clothing center


  • GED preparation
  • Job counseling and assessment
  • Job preparation and training
  • Online education (computers and internet accessibility)


  • Spiritual direction
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Mental health

If you are looking for:

  • A deeper relationship with God
  • A deeper meaning for your life
  • A center to develop your talents and skills
  • A center to renew or redirect your life
  • A center to talk and reflect

Then the Bishop Perry Center might just be the place for you. You’ll never know unless you come and see. Why not stop and find out for yourself? All of us at The Bishop Perry Center are looking forward to meeting YOU.

The Center Buzzzzz

The Bishop Perry Center is abuzzzz with activity and interesting people.
Meet those who staff The Center.
Meet our volunteers who share their time and talent.
Meet those with interesting life stories to tell.

Stay up to date with the latest news about events and programs at The Center. Share your own videos for encouragement, enjoyment, and learning by Center members.

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Share The Center’s Outreach

The mission and vision of The Center are dependent on an abundance of God’s grace and the generosity of caring friends like you.

The generosity you show with your time, talent, and treasure make possible the work of The Center. Your support allows The Center to continue and expand its outreach to the community.

In challenging economic times the call to give and share with others invites a special generosity. The Center needs your special generosity by volunteering your time, sharing your talents, and providing the necessary financial aid and material resources so outreach may continue.

Please look within and see to what extent you may be able to help The Center assist others. No generosity of time, talent, or treasure is too small. Little seeds and big seeds, when planted in the soil of love, bloom fully.

You are invited to visit The Center and experience its works.
Individual tours can be arranged.
Follow “The Center Buzzzz” at bpc.arch-no.org for the latest news and updates.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated and does make a difference.

Person to Person

Part of the excitement of everyday life is the unexpected events and people we experience. We cannot see around the bend. Often this is a good thing. Surprises keep life interesting

I grew up in The Marigny back in the 1950’s. In those “happy days” the area was identified by one’s church parish. Living at 2239 N. Rampart (long gone to become a parking lot) my parish was Saints Peter and Paul (long gone to the rural realities of demographics and economics). Never did I think that one day I’d return to be part of a new outreach ministry as a Catholic priest. God had different ideas…God carried the day.

What is not surprising is how much the area has changed. There is more diversity across the social spectrum – economically, ethnically and racially, and religiously. This rich diversity is one of the major factors to the area’s attractiveness.

The new Bishop Perry Center (formerly The Saint Gerard Majella School) will hopefully be a place of enrichment, direction, and renewal both spiritually and personally. The Center is a place of welcome which celebrates the rich diversity of God’s gifts and the vast array of human talents.

In forthcoming columns I will present to you various aspects of The Center. I hope you will find these helpful and useful.

Please know you are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

God Bless,

Father Bill
Director, The Bishop Perry Center

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